Skipper Washdown V2


Inlet: 1 ½” BSPF
Flow (L/min): 120 – 900
Throw (m): N/A
Angle: N/A
Operation: Full or Part Circle
Drive Mechanism: Turbine / Gear Drive
Nozzles included (mm): 14, 16*, 18 (*fitted)
Additional nozzles available (mm): 10 – 28 straight; 10 – 28 flip

DESCRIPTION: The Washdown Skipper is a unique sprinkler system used at many major mine sites throughout Australia. The system was developed to address safety and efficiency concerns around manually hosing underneath conveyors and other hard-to-reach areas. The V2 design upgrade released in 2021 incorporates a streamlined base which allows material and dust to sit on the base without any risk of it penetrating and impacting the internal operation.
The Washdown Skipper features a solid brass dust proof base; stainless steel nozzle extension; arc adjustment 0 – 360°; nozzle sizes from 10 – 24mm; flows from 2 – 15 litres/sec; pressure up to 10 bar; and is easily automated, efficient and safe.

TECHNICAL: Skipper Technical Specifications & Parts List