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SIME has been working in the irrigation industry since 1950 and specializes only in sprinkler equipment. This specialization, together with the most advanced machining tools, allows them to manufacture a wide range of the highest quality sprinklers for diverse agricultural and industry applications.

Over time SIME have continued to add to and refine their range of classic high volume, high pressure turbine rain guns, large impact sprinklers, medium and small impact sprinklers and pop-up underground sprinklers. Now exporting to the rest of the world, SIME has an excellent reputation for developing and manufacturing quality rain guns for all applications.

Sime Irrigation Australia was established in 1960 as the sole endorsed distributor for SIME (Italy). We are committed to providing the Australian market with the highest quality Italian manufactured sprinklers and rain guns at affordable prices.

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SIME Sprinklers

The SIME range includes the classic high volume turbine rain guns, large to small impact sprinklers, underground sprinklers, and customised models developed for Australian specific uses.

Specialised anti-frost and anti-corrosive sprinklers manufactured with durable, high grade materials to withstand mining liquids, fertilizer, animal sewage, brackish and waste waters.

Featuring variable jet angles, full or part circle technology with slow return, intermittent and adjustable jet breakers, unbeatable uniformity and distribution of rainfall over the irrigated area.

Engineered to prevent vibrations and recoils, SIME sprinklers are safe and versatile for all irrigation needs including travelling irrigators, pivots, stands, automation and custom installations.

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