Zenith Teso 6°


Inlet: 1″ BSPF
Flow (L/min): 12 – 77
Throw (m): 7.5 – 11
Operation: Full Circle
Drive Mechanism: Spring Arm Impact
Nozzles included (mm): 5*, 6 (*fitted)
Additional nozzles available (mm): 4 – 7

DESCRIPTION: Small flow sprinkler with full circle operation only, it is supplied with various interchangeable nozzles and with an adjustable jet-breaker. Made of brass, stainless steel and high quality synthetic materials, they are hard wearing and long lasting, and will withstand the corrosive action of organic liquids and brackish waters. Due to their low angle they are recommended for under tree irrigation of orchards and vineyards, for greenhouse cultivations, and in high wind areas.

TECHNICAL: Zenith Teso Technical Specifications & Parts List