Wing 18°


Inlet: 2″ BSPF
Flow (L/min): 127 – 952
Throw (m): 22 – 52
Angle: 18°
Operation: Full or Part Circle
Drive Mechanism: Spring Arm Impact
Nozzles included (mm): 12, 14, 16*, 18, 20 (*fitted)
Additional nozzles available (mm): 12 – 40

DESCRIPTION: Medium flow sprinkler for low-high pressures, rotating at full or part circle, with slow return. The 18 degrees trajectory-angle is particularly designed for use on centre pivots, but it can be used on hose reel machines or for fixed and mobile installations. Suitable for use in areas with strong winds, sloping terrain or fields with low overhead powerlines.

TECHNICAL: Wing Technical Specifications & Parts List