PRODUCT CODE: 10016 PC; 10017 FC

Inlet: 1″ BSPF
Flow (L/min): 40 – 161
Throw (m): 13 – 23
Angle: 28°
Operation: Part Circle or Full Circle
Drive Mechanism: Spring Arm Impact
Nozzles included (mm): 6*, 8, 10 (*fitted)
Additional nozzles available (mm): 5 – 10

DESCRIPTION: Versatile sprinkler of small to medium flow, available in full circle or part circle operation. The two jets, of different slope, are equipped with interchangeable nozzles of various sizes and adjustable jet-breakers, which produce a fine and well distributed rainfall over the irrigated area. It is particularly suitable for deep irrigation of intensive cultivations such as vegetables and ornamental plants.

TECHNICAL: Ibis Technical Specifications & Parts List